The Gerbils

As the nickname "Gerbil" suggests, I keep Gerbils. I currently have three girls called (Dr.) Pepper, Tango and Lilt.

Dr. Pepper, Tango and Lilt

I adopted these three gerbils after they ended up in the adoption centre at Pets at Home, Milton Keynes in April 2011 when their original owner could no longer look after them. Dr. Pepper (or normally just Pepper) is a Pied/Mottled black gerbil. She seems to be the dominant one of the three and seems to be the one to spend the most time on their wheel (and make the most noise...) out of the three.

Pepper demolishing some cardboard

Tango is a black gerbil and is the friendliest of the three. She was the first to take sunflower seeds from me and the first to hop up onto my hand.

Tango looking through the glass

Lilt is a black gerbil with half her tail missing - it is likely that her previous owner tried to pick her up by the tail - however she doesn't seem to notice it and is the shyest of the group.

Lilt posing for the camera

Sprite - RIP

I adopted sprite in mid 2011 from the Southampton Pets at Home adoption centre after she was separated from her sister due to fighting and her owner could no longer look after her.  She was a "lilac" gerbil with amazing ruby eyes and a shy but inquisitive personality.  Unfortunately she passed away late on the 29th of December 2011 at about two years old.